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DE-10 blaster pistol | Star Wars Replica | Star Wars Props | Star Wars Cosplay

DE-10 blaster pistol | Star Wars Replica | Star Wars Props | Star Wars Cosplay

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DE-10 blaster pistol | Star Wars Replica gun | Star Wars Props | Star Wars cosplay costume prop weapon | movie prop 3d printed cosplay | nerd gift

Introducing the DE10 blaster, a replica cosplay prop based on the iconic weapon from the Star Wars universe. This high-quality prop is made with attention to detail, ensuring that it looks and feels like the real thing. Perfect for cosplay events, conventions, and simply displaying in your collection. Order now and bring the power of the galaxy to your hands. May the force be with you!

The DE 10 blaster pistol was a model of blaster pistol that saw use in the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War. Its heaviest users in the period were members of the Death Watch, a Mandalorian splinter group based on the Forest Moon of Endor at the time. When a spacer infiltrated the Death Watch bunker, their main base on the moon, sometime after the Battle of Yavin, the sentient discovered a schematic for the weapon along with specialized barrels used in its construction. The spacer eventually had one of the weapons created for personal use.

Made out of high-quality plastic and acrylic paint.

* about 16 inches (400mm) long


* Painted (assembled, hand painted)

* Optional stand

* Optional holster (without belt and metal parts, just two straps on top to hang on regular belts)

* Optional full holster set with belt and buckles

An excellent accessory to add to your Star Wars collection.

This replica gun contains orange plug required by law.

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Customer Reviews

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Lance Turley
This is an excellent blaster.

I paid for the 'painted and assembled' option and it looks great, and feels very sturdy. One minor nitpick is that you can still see some of the layer lines from the printer, but it's barely noticeable in person.