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Bolt Pistol Replica | Warhammer 40K | prop gun | Cosplay | Space Marine | Minotaurs | gun | cosplay weapon

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Bolt Pistol Replica | Warhammer 40K | Bolter Pistol Prop | Cosplay | Space Marine | Angels Revenant | gun | cosplay weapon

Ultima Pattern Bolt Pistol used by the Angels Revenant Chapter

The Bolt Pistol is a common variant of the Bolter, and apart from the Space Marines, is also available to officers and seasoned veterans of the Imperial Guard. They are often awarded to Commissars, both for battle and to perform field executions of those too cowardly to serve the Emperor properly, leading to the weapon being nicknamed the "Bravery Bolter".
Such weapons are often used by the Assault Squads of the Space Marines, the Sisters of Battle, and the Chaos Space Marines.

Made out of high-quality plastic and acrylic paint.

Length x Height x Width - 12.6 in x 10.8 in x 2 in