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X-8 Night Sniper blaster pistol | Lando Calrissian Star Wars Replica gun | Star Wars Props | Star Wars Cosplay

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X-8 Night Sniper blaster pistol | Star Wars Replica gun | Star Wars Props | Star Wars Cosplay

The perfect gift for any massive Star Wars fan. Great for Cosplay or just for displaying!

The X8 Night Sniper was a model of blaster pistol manufactured by BlasTech Industries that featured a computerized scope and silent mode operation. The bounty hunters Latts Razzi and C-21 Highsinger were known to use such pistols during the Clone Wars. Lando Calrissian also used an X 8 Night Sniper during his time as a smuggler, and used it to fight the henchmen of the crime boss Azmorigan on the planet Lothal. X-8 Night Snipers were used by both the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

Made out of high-quality plastic and acrylic paint.

* about 12 inches (300mm) long

An excellent accessory to add to your Star Wars collection.

This replica gun contains orange plug required by law.